Soaps on Stone, from the beginning.

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Soaps on Stone!

We are a family owned and operated small business in the heart of the Great Southern of Western Australia. 
Our aim is to provide the best quality plant based skincare and haircare without using plastic packaging. We grow a lot of our own ingredients and source the rest from other local small businesses or local primary producers. 

We will only use natural ingredients ( clay, flower petals, vegetable oils and butters) and naturally derived ( essential oils, SLSA from coconuts, Zinc Oxide) ingredients. 

All of our packaging is either reusable, recycled, recyclable or home compostable. If we can make it without packaging, we do! 

We would love you to come along on our journey will us to make the best quality products without using single use plastic.  
Soaps on Stone is and will always be,

Good for you, good for our planet!