Raising the bar! All the goodness without the water or plastic bottle .

Soap, bath and body products for humans and hounds.
Hemp seed oil and Clay soaps.

Organically grown Sandlewood nuts in the Great Southern of Western Australia. Naturally made soaps, body butters, lip balms, shower steamers, bath bombs and more. Locally grown, organic and spray free ingredients. We support other small business.

Handcrafted soaps made from the Earth.

Our top sellers

Koda Sugar Scrub

Solid sugar soap scrub for humans


-Organic, homegrown rose petals infused in the oils



-Lightly moisturizing

-High quality oils used such as Hemp seed oil

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Caroline Soap Bar

Solid handcrafted soap bar filled with organically grown lemon verbena.


- Organic, homegrown lemon verbena infused in the oils

- Shea butter for high moisturizing properties

-Coloured with organic, homegrown parsely

-Activiated charcoal to pull out impurities in the skin

-Lemongrass essential oils

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Packaging matters.

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